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– European Thermal Break Chamber 67mm –

Aesthetic variants: Straight Line | Curved Line | Rustic Line | 3D

Thermal Transmission Coefficient Uw

1.0 W/m²K

Acoustic Attenuation Coefficient


Energy Class

Class A

Air Permeability (EN 1026)

Class 4

Watertightness (EN 1027)

Class E1650

Wind resistance (EN 12211)

Class C5

Minimum rim width

67 mm

Minimum Rim View

50 mm

Minimum view Rim + Leaf

90 mm

Maximum Height

2700 mm

Maximum Length

1700 mm

Maximum Weight

160 Kg

Bit height

22 mm

Glass filling

52 mm

Thermal break

24 mm



General thickness

1.5 mm

Types of opening

1-sash inward opening window
2-sash inward opening window
Single-sash inward-opening door
2-sash inward opening door