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About aluminium


Aluminum ensures complete design freedom for all projects in terms of form, size, color, and finish. It enjoys a privileged position in the construction industry due to its mechanical and physical transformation qualities. It is an excellent material with versatile, multi-sector applications that is both light and resilient.


High thermal and acoustic comfort are made possible by its inherent qualities, which are further enhanced by the addition of other elements. It is also water and air tight.

Selecting aluminum is a cost-saving gamble. Energy resources are used more efficiently in the short term, and aluminum maintains its properties over the medium to long term.


Furthermore, aluminum’s safety is beyond dispute, especially in comparison to other materials. It can tolerate high temperatures during a fire and doesn’t release any harmful compounds like those found in other materials like PVC.


Aluminum oxide is the most common element in the crust of the earth and is used to make aluminum. Natural resources are thus not jeopardized in any way during its production. It is a sturdy and resilient material, especially when it comes to corrosion resistance. Furthermore, its infinite and 100% recyclable nature highlights its sustainable nature, and its use helps to safeguard our planet for coming generations.

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