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Aesthetic variants:

Perimeter | Minimalist

Thermal Transmission Coefficient Uw (ISSO 10077-2:2017 / ISSO 10077-1:2017)

1.1 W/m²K

Acoustic Attenuation Coefficient (ISO717-1:2020)

35dB (-1;-3)

Air Permeability (EN12207:2016)

Class 4

Watertightness (EN12208:1999)

Class 7A

Wind resistance (EN12210:2016)

Class C5

Frame width

100 mm

Frame + vent view

115 mm

Central view

80 mm

Minimal central view

22 mm

Glass filling

34 mm

Vent width

2000 mm

Vent height

2800 mm

Vent weight

250 kg


Sliding window with fixed

Recessed 2-vent sliding window
2-vent sliding window

Tri-rail 3-vent sliding window
3-vent sliding window

4-vent sliding window with
central locking
Recessed sliding window

6-vent sliding window with
central locking