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– Sliding 90mm –

Thermal Transmission Coefficient Uw

4.2 W/m²K

Acoustic Attenuation Coefficient

27 dB (-1;-2)

Energy Class

Class B

Air Permeability (EN 1026)

Class 2

Watertightness (EN 1027)

Class 3A

Wind resistance (EN 12211)

Class C4

Minimum rim width

91 mm

Minimum Rim View

32 mm

Minimum view Rim + Sash

78 mm

Maximum Height


Maximum Length


Maximum Weight

90 kg

Bit height


Glass filling

26 mm

Thermal break




General thickness

1.4 mm

Types of opening

2-Sash Sliding Window Horizon
3-Sash Sliding Window Horizon
3-Sash Sliding Window Tri-Rial Horizon
2-sash sliding window
3-sash sliding window
4-sash sliding window